Munchease Famous Burgers in Khaldeh

Let's make things clear. Munchease has been getting a lot of buzz and good reputation recently and we honestly don't know why or how?
We love the concept of fast food/ self service restaurants where you can grab a quick meal and we miss that american style burger with the fatty sauces and drenching cheese. Well Munchease combines both but unfortunately the food was horrible.
Their menu consists of 3 items: burgers, subs and hot dogs.
We wanted to try their famous burgers so we ordered a Swiss&Mushroom burger and a Smokey Steak burger.
Let's start with the basic things which are the bun and the patty:
• The bun was more like a pain au lait and seemed old though it was heated. It was very far from being fluffy.
• The patty was unacceptable! It was chewy and had a bad taste more like "kafta". We ended up eating the bun and the sauces.
• Now for the sauces, they all tasted the same. Both the Swiss and the steaky burger were below average.

We also tried their potato wedges with cheddar dip which were good.

Munchease can easily be the next big burger joint if they fix their burgers and improve the quality as we need more casual places to dine in rather.
Price range: 9$
Location: Khaldeh Highway
Phone Number: 03 021 464


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