Lobster,burgers and truffle fries some of our favorites at acote Mar Mikhael

London is famous for it's Lobster rolls and thanks to globalization you can now enjoy this meal at Acoté a gourmet eatery in Mar Mikhael, Beirut. Their menu is not only focused on lobster but includes a wide range of salads, burgers, signature sandwiches like the Pastrami one and lots we still have to try. The items on the menu have very creative names, like the creativity in the modern and simplistic decor of the restaurant. 
• We started our lunch with the Lobster Tacos. At Acoté, you can enjoy the lobster in a soft roll or you can have a special treat and order it with tacos which was totally worth the experience. The mixture of the lobster with their secret sauces made this platter orgasmic. We can't wait to have them again.
• The Burger or Cheese was succulent! It contained the basic ingredients with cheddar sauce. The bun was very fluffy and the meat used was of a very good quality, not chewy and well seasoned. We loved it.
• The Chicken Artichoke Pesto Sauce was very refreshing and light. It consisted of French toast filled with grilled chicken, cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves and pesto sauce.
If you love truffle like we do, you can upgrade the fries that come with the platters to truffle fries with parmesan. They will add more deliciousness to your experience. We would have liked if they sprinkled more truffle oil on them. But they were very good.

Now for the dessert:
• The Cheesecake was excellent! Unlike other places the base was thick and crispy and the filling was creamy yet not too heavy. The mix was not too sugary and the strawberry jam that covered the cake made the sweetness very adequate.
• The Finding the "Lost Bread" or pain perdu was mouthwatering. It was floating in a sea of caramel with a big vanilla ice cream scoop on the side. 
Like we always advise you, put the ice cream on top of the bread before eating the pain perdu so you enjoy it to the max.
We fell in love with Acoté's premium food, great service and peaceful ambiance. We will definitely visit them again especially for their signature lobster items that we adored.

Price Range: 22$ per person
Location: Mar Mikhael,Madrid Street,  
Phone Number:01 569399


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