La Strada a New Italian Restaurant in Bourj Hammoud

Pizza is one of the most beloved meals for Lebanese people. That's why we see pizzerias opening here and there every week and every day. As easy as it looks it's very hard to prepare a catchy pizza that makes you come back again. Our latest visit was to La Strada in Bourj hammoud few blocks away from Bedo. The place is more of a quick bite/ take away place as they don't have a toilet, it's a self service restaurant. The menu is focused on pizzas, with two choices of salads, and some appetizers.

We ordered a traditional and a four cheese pizza.

• Let's start with the dough, it was more of a man2oush. The sauce was salty and by adding the other ingredients the pizza became saltier especially the four cheese because it has the gorgonzola cheese.

• The traditional pizza contained ham, cheese, olives and mushrooms. We replaced the ham with pepperoni which turned out to be not of a good quality.

• The cheeses used in the four cheese were delicious and we could feel the gorgonzola but the dough ruined the taste.
• We accompanied the pizzas with fries because they are best friends they were crunchy but a bit salty.

Overall both pizzas were average and not encouraging to come again.

Average price: 12$ per person.
Rating: 6/10
Telephone: 01 259256
Location:Municipality Street, Bourj Hammoud, Metn


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