Kababji the Taste that Brings Us Together

Lebanese food is the most popular cuisine in the middle east and Lebanon has great restaurants to enjoy it's unique dishes. Kababji has been serving delicious healthy food for the past 22 years and due to it's many branches they are always a ride away. We visited their newest dine-in branch on Hazmieh highway and made sure to take a picture to join their competition on Instagram to win a trip to Istanbul.
• We started with the Fattoush. The vegetables were very fresh and we loved the garlic taste in it. We always feel there is something special in Kababji's Fattoush. 
• Their hommos with meat and pine cuts was delicious and we always crave for more meat and pine nuts in it. Our ritual is the fight for who's gonna eat the last bite with meat and nuts.
• Kababji's Seasoned Fries are our next big thing since we love spices. It's weird how we never knew about these fries before because we fell in love with them. 
• Their Cheese Rakakat fried are a classic we just can't enjoy a meal without ordering them and it's all because of the good cheese they use.

• We tried their 3arayes Cheese consisting of a mix of cheese and herbs in their bread. They are extremely cheesy and tasty. 
• We wanted something new so we ordered Kababji Pizzete that comes like a pizza dough topped with feta cheese, herbs, onions, tomatoes, and hot pepper paste. Simply Amazing.
• The Lahm B Aajin Kababji was very yummy! It contained parsley, bell pepper and spices which made it very different from the Lebanese one. 
• We can't but eat "mashewe" from Kababji and what's better than the variety of skewers that come in the Mixed Grill Platter. It contained a mixture of our favorite grills, taouk, veal, and your choice of 2 kababs served with grilled cubed potatoes and grilled vegetables. We did not like the potatoes with them they needed to be seasoned and more cooked. No need to talk about the quality of the meat. The veal is the most tender you can find, the chicken is perfect and the kababs are amazing. The seasonings of all the meat items are what makes Kababji's grills exceptional.
We simply love kababji and we wish that they introduce more choices of desserts (there is a secret dessert that is not mentioned in the menu and that is orgasmic, ask about it) and more branches in Lebanon and outside.

Average price: 27$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10

Phone Number: 05 951196
Location: Hazmieh › Damascus Highway, Next To Yammine Balloon,


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