Italian Food Lebanon's Best Friend

Lebanon and Italy should be best friends because not only we share a lot of traditions but also we love their Italian food and there are plenty of Italian restaurants in our country.
Our recent visit was to Napoletana​ in Abc Ashrafieh. They have two other branches, in Hamra and in ABC Dbayeh. Our favorite is ABC Dbayeh.

• We started our dinner with a new item that we never tried before, the Bresaola Completa which is a speciality of Napoletana. It consisted of a platter of Bresaola with fresh Mozzarella, avocado, tomato, and piadina on the side (a pizza covered with tomato sauce and olive oil). This platter is perfect for picky people who love to prepare their own food. It was delicious and healthy don't forget to sprinkle some Parmesan cheese and spicy oil on top.

•We rarely have salads in Italian restaurants but we wanted to try something new so we went for their Mista Salad. It contained iceberg, rocca, tomato, carrot, palmito, asparagus, mushrooms and artichokes in a lemon oil dressing. All the ingredients were fresh and it is very rich in vitamins but the sauce was very absent which made the salad a bit dry. We advise you to ask for extra sauce with this salad.
Now for the pizzas, we ordered Quattro Fromaggi and Vegetariana.
Napoletana is famous for it's very thin dough. If you like this feature then you will love their pizzas.
• The Quattro Fromaggi was exceptional like always. It is our favorite four cheese pizza in Lebanon. You can feel the taste of the 4 kinds of cheese used: the emmental, the gorgonzola, the parmesan and the Mozzarella.

• The vegetarian pizza was very tasty, covered with generous amount of vegetables (onion, mushroom, zucchini, eggplant, olive) and cheese. Who said pizza can't be a source of vitamins?

• We always take fries as a side for the pizzas because fries and pizzas are best friends. The fries were very good; crispy and not oily.

• An Italian experience is never completed without pasta. We ordered Penne Ai Quattro Fromaggi. The penne were cooked to perfection, the sauce was so creamy, cheesy and tasty.
For dessert we tried Profiteroles, and Cioccolato Fondente.
• The profiteroles were delicious filled with creamy vanilla ice cream and cover with chocolate sauce.
• The fondant au chocolate was orgasmic as it was full of melting hot chocolate and served with ice cream. They used a premium quality of chocolate.

We really hope they introduce more variety in their pizzas.

Average price: 22$ per person.

Rating: 8/10

Location: Abc Ashrafieh


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