Everlasting Summer Memories at Amethyste Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

Summer officially ended and all those summer night memories had a blast farewell thanks to the Amethyste closing party at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut. 
A celebration is never completed without a buffet and they made sure it will satisfy each one's cravings. 
The buffet included a huge variety of salads: Caesar, Greek, seafood, steak, green and if you are too picky there was a salad bar so you can customize your own. We fell in love with their steak salad as the meat was super tender and juicy. For starters you could spoil yourself with fried vegetables and fish, shawarma, potato wedges, falafel, grilled vegetables, deliciously marinated chicken wings, a variety of meat dishes, not to forget the main platters that included sweet & sour shrimps, chicken with vegetables, and marinated fish fillet. 

The dessert section was huge and orgasmic! It included our weakness; a chocolate fountain but with fresh fruits so you won't feel guilty (we don't care about guilt when it comes to food, so we ate it with marshmallows) ice cream, live cotton candy machine, colorful cupcakes and many delicious cakes including our favorites: the Oreo cheesecake and the red velvet cake. The feast wouldn't have been completed without a live music performed by a talented guitar player and DJ.
The awesome crew at Phoenicia really know how to give you an unforgettable experience whether you are staying at a guest in their 5 star hotel or just dropping to enjoy a dinner or a conference. We can't wait for summer 2016 to enjoy the beautiful Amethyste lounge again with it's breathtaking decor and we always look forward for their upcoming events.

Phone: 01 369 100
Check their website on: http://phoeniciabeirut.com/


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