Does Sushi makes you Happy? Ginger&Co. sushi review.

Why are we addicted to sushi? Well it’s proven that Sushi makes people happy and reduces anxiety and depression levels thanks to their good omega 3 fatty acids. Hence, we can't but have at least one sushi meal per week and our latest visit was to Ginger&Co. in Hazmieh Mar Takla. This restaurant is highly in demand and it is very hard to find a table if you don't reserve a day before. The interior is beautifully decorated with comfortable chairs and they made sure greenery is part of the place. Their menu includes some special appetizers such as shrimp popcorn, salads, noodles, a wide variety of sushi and main platters for fish and chicken lovers.
We always start with the crazy salad. It was tasty and the portion was big. Do not forget to ask for crispy bits if you like them like we do because they make the salad even more delicious.
Now for the sushi, they were all fresh and succulent. We are convinced visit after each visit that Ginger &co. is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Lebanon with a very reasonable price. Our favorite orders this time were: 
• The orgasmic Crispy Salmon Philadelphia (they don't have it on their menu but you can ask for it) that contained a big piece of fresh salmon with Philadelphia cream cheese, cucumber, avocado, rolled with rice and covered with crispy.
• The divine Mango Spicy Shrimp, which contained a generous amount of mango and extremely tasty shrimps.
• The mouthwatering Salmon Loaded Maki that consisted of salmon from the outside and the inside, with avocado. The mixture was perfect!
We were very curious to try their sinful desserts so we went for the Chocolate Fondant and the Biscuit au Chocolat. The fondant was the driest one we have ever eaten. It tasted more like a sponge chocolate cake with a scoop of ice cream on the side. It missed the primary ingredient of a fondant which is the chocolate. We couldn’t but complain to the waiter that we did not like it but his only answer was that they don’t prepare it but bring it from a supplier. We were surprised that they do not take any action from an unsatisfied customer. 
The Biscuit au Chocolat on the other hand was not that better! It felt old and tasteless. We advise to stick to sushi at Ginger&co as they are totally worth it.
We had a great experience at Ginger&co.though we had lousy desserts. You may say that a sushi place is not supposed to serve desserts but the answer is that a restaurant should be capable to exceed in preparing every single item on its menu.
They should definitely rethink their desserts since they are not of the same standards as their sushi and they can easily lower the reputation of a restaurant.

Location: Hazmieh,Al Saha,Mar Takla, Hazmieh, Baabda
PHONE Number: 05 956446

Price Range: 25$ 

Rating: 8/10


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