Deek Duke a heaven for chicken lovers

Every week, a new restaurant opens in Lebanon but only the few last. This is the case of Deek Duke, which has been a heaven for chicken lovers for the last 13 years with it's varied menu from wings, appetizers to salads, delicious sandwiches, burgers, and some yummy chicken main platters.
Our last visit was to their Le Mall Dbayeh branch our favorite. 
• We tried their Ranch and their Chili Thrill sandwich.
The sandwiches were succulent served in a toasted bread roll with a coleslaw aside.
They both included melted cheese, lettuce, pickles and a unique sauce was used in each. Each sandwich is around 7$ which is a great bargain. We love Deek Duke sandwiches. 
• We also tried their mushroom chicken platter that consisted of grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, baked potato and a mouthwatering creamy mushroom sauce to cheat with. This plate was yummy and you end up feeling happy that you went for a healthy full of protein platter.
• We couldn't but try one of their new burgers: The Chicken Hottie burger. It is made of grilled chicken breast in a soft burger bun with grilled pepper, grilled onions, sliced Jalapeno, Cheddar cheese and chili sauce. The sauce was mildly spiced, the jalapeno gave the strong taste, the chicken breast was tender and the bun was very fresh.
Of course we couldn't leave deek duke without trying their signature dessert Oreo delight which is more of an ice cream cake with lots of caramel and chocolate sauce. We didn't want it to end!
Deek Duke is one of the few restaurants that we keep going to not only for their great food, but also great service.


Average price:17$ 
Location: Le Mall Dbayeh


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