Chocolate Knefe Crossiant a Treat not to be Missed.

 We have been addicted to the French Lebanese dessert that combines chocolate croissant with knefeh to which we gave the name "choco-knefeh croissant" and we recently tried L'abeille D'or​ on Ghazir Highway. 
You have the option to add chocolate sauce instead of the sugar syrup if you are a chocolate lover for an additional extra charge. 

The knefeh was succulent! The cheese used has a very rich taste yet very light. The croissant was crispy and we could taste the butter. The mixture gave a heavenly perfect result.

The only negative thing is the rude and not so friendly staff. 

We wish this dessert would become worldwide because not only it is delicious and will boost you with energy the whole day but knefeh is the Lebanese sweetheart and everyone in this world should try it. 

Price: 8000 LBP plus 500LBP for extra chocolate sauce.


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