Pizza Ferrari surprisingly delicious.

Fancy doesn't always mean delicious some small places hidden here and there serve great food for a very good price. This is the case of Pizza Ferrari in furn chebk, facing fahed supermarket. The place is very cozy and has been witnessing many generations since it has been for more than 15 years.
We ordered Greek salad, fries, four cheese pizza and a chocolate pizza.
• The salad is far from being sophisticated. With fresh and basic ingredients they made a healthy tasty salad.
• The fries were so crispy; we finished them before the pizza was served.
• The four cheese pizza was very mouth watering it was too cheesy and we felt each kind of cheese they use. The best part was the burnt cheese on the crust.

• The majestic chocolate pizza stole our hearts with the first bite we never knew that cheese with chocolate, banana, and nuts would be so good.

Sometimes we miss having homemade pizzas like the ones our grand mothers used to make so if you miss them like us go and try Pizza Ferrari.

Average Price:11$ per person
Location:Furn El Chebbak,main Street,Facing Fahed Super Market.


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