One of the best burgers in town, BRGR.CO

Hamburger is the second most popular food in the world and I am pretty sure when they try BRGR.CO burger it will become number one. Brgr.Co is a gourmet burger joint that has been operating in Beirut and London for the past 5 years. They have three branches in Lebanon one in Beirut Souks another in Abdel Wahab Street and they recently opened in ABC Ashrafieh.

We made sure to review the ABC branch as they introduced a special edition burger, the Rock Shrimp and Angus Burger that we were eagerly waiting to try.
A few words before talking about the burgers: you can't and shouldn't visit BRGR.CO without indulging in their truffle fries. Every time we went there we ended up having them. Many have tried to copy this platter but it is still a signature for BRGR.CO.
Fries + fresh cream + parmesan + truffle oil = perfection.
The verdict is out: best fries in Lebanon.

• This time we wanted to have an additional new appetizer so we went for the Vegetable Crisps. A combination of golden fried mushroom, eggplant and zucchini served with a provolone cheese dip. We never knew we would end up eating a whole plate of zucchini and eggplant (we are not fans of these vegetables). They were very tempting, especially the mushrooms.

• Now for the awaited moment, the Rock Shrimp and Angus Burger was deliciously unique. It's amazing how combining meat and shrimp would result in a succulent burger. You will adore the spicy cajun taste and the fluffy light bun.
• BRGR.CO always spices up its menu with new gourmet burgers depending on some seasonal ingredients (we really can't wait for the truffle season). One of these burgers is the majestic Smoky Burger consisting of an extremely juicy 6 OZ angus beef patty topped with Portobello mushrooms, sautéed onions and 2 slices of smoked cheddar.The spiciness of this burger and strong taste of the smoked cheddar made it exceptional.
You have to make sure, before you leave BRGR.CO, to have dessert. They don't have a big choice and that's a positive thing because they excel in each one.
• The Ultimate Sticky Toffee Date Pudding is the healthier version of pain perdu since they use dates instead of sugar. (Don't nag about the caramel). If you are not date lover relax because the dates only give sweetness, you don't feel them.

• Our "coup de cœur" was the Banoffee Cream Cheese Pudding. Its taste is literally indescribable! Simply orgasmic. It has a crispy biscuit base, topped with a one of a kind cream and chocolate mix and bananas. It may be fatty but we never count calories.

We highly recommend BRGR.CO not only for their great service and the variety of burgers they serve but also for their high standards in quality that they never compromise and of course their to die hard Truffle fries.

Average price: 25$
Location:ABC Ashrafieh, Level 3
Phone:01 322070


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