Lebanese Food with a Twist at Semsom

Lebanese food can get boring for some but Semsom restaurant made sure it wont be the case with its twisted signature dishes. Semsom has been dominating the Arab world with branches in KSA, Kuwait, Oman and recently the American continent with a branch in New York City. Semsom is conveniently located in City Mall Jal Dib with an outdoor setting for the shisha lovers. They first welcome you with may ward drink which is a pretty impressive welcome as it was a good refreshment in summer plus some delicious spicy olives and zaatar w zet.
• We started our journey with Tabbouleh with Feta. It is like the regular one but with feta cheese it was good but it needed more lemon. The ingredients were fresh and the Feta added a special flavor to the salad.
• The Cheese Osmalieh were very delicious and tasted  better then the regular cheese rakakat. They were generously filled with tasty cheese and extremely crunchy from the outside without being oily.

• If you are fans of "Kebbe" then you should try the "Baked Kebbeh Cheese". The concept of the dish is very interesting but they should consider making the "kebbeh" base crispier (maybe adding a more "borghol" or cooking it a little bit more).

• The Saj Taouk was succulent! It consisted of saj wrap with well marinated chicken slices, fries, pickles and garlic sauce. You get to choose between 2 sides, we went for the hommos and more fries. The fries were so yummy.
Since we love Osmalieh crisps we ordered the Osmalieh with chocolate ice cream and the Raha cheesecake Osmalieh .
The cheesecake was our favorite as it was creamy, the raha added a fresh taste to the mixture. We loved it.
The osmalieh ice cream consisted of chocolate ice cream with osmalieh crisps. We found it a bit heavy since it had too much osmalieh and as you know they are fried.

We are looking forward for more twists by Semsom since we liked what we ate.

Location: CityMall, Dora
Average Price: 20$ per person


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