Kristen Stewart new movie American Ultra: Movie Review.

After his huge success in 2010 with the Social Network movie, the Facebook star Jesse Eisenberg teams up with Kristen Stewart in American Ultra.
American Ultra mixes up comedy with high octane action with a great cast.
Jesse plays Mike Howell a laid back guy who lives in his own world with his girlfriend Fibie (Kristen Stewart).
Mike becomes on the radar when the CIA decides to eliminate him as he is the only survivor in American Ultra project.
Taking down Mike wont be an easy job since his superpowers suddenly appear.
American Ultra was very enjoyable as it was not only based on action but also on some comedy especially the unusual killing stuff that Mike uses (spoon, pan, fireworks...). Plus the high speed events of the movie will keep you alerted and anticipating.
We have to praise the acting skills of both Stewart and Eisenberg and the chemistry they have between each others. You can enjoy this movie at the cinemas starting September 10.




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