Fortune Cookies and many other treats at Cakes and Cookies.

Cookies lovers a pastry shop called Cakes & Cookies recently opened in Ashrafieh next to Deek Duke. It is its second branch after its first in Bayada. You will find some original sweets like the fortune cookies, cookies with ice cream, and beautiful cakes for celebrations.

We always wanted to try the famous KitKat/M&M cake but we never found small pieces. Cakes and cookies made it possible for us. The cake inside the KitKat was very good as it was very moist and had the right amount of cream but with the KitKat bars and M&Ms it became too heavy for one person. We think it is more of a decoration cake or a "to share" cake. 
The banana chocolate tart was average. It is made of chocolate crust filled with cream and topped with banana slices and chocolate chips. The crust needed more butter as it was dry. The tart needed more cream filling and they should have used chocolate sauce instead of the chocolate chips. 

PS: Cakes and Cookies have a big choice of cookies but they should add more types of cake pieces.
We love pastry shops and we keep hoping for new ones to open.

Location:Charles Malek Avenue, Ashrafieh.
Phone:01 322917


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