Food at Keyrouz Bakery

Many bakeries are expending into the restaurant business like Woodbees, a creation by Wooden Bakery, Moulin D'or and Keyrouz. Keyrouz Bakery have only one branch in Jeser El Bacha and it was able to become one of the leading bakeries in Lebanon.

We wanted to try their menu and check if it was up to the standards of their bakery. We tried their pizza, fajita and dessert.
The Keyrouz Pizza was good but its ingredients were definitely not like how it was described in the menu. They mention that it contains fresh cream but unfortunately it came with tomato sauce. It had fresh mushrooms and cheese. The mushroom and the cheese were of very good quality. Next time we will order the margarita pizza instead and skip paying the extras that were not found.

The Chicken Fajita sandwich was fine for a normal chicken sandwich but not for a Fajita as you don't taste neither bell pepper nor the onions, even not the cheddar cheese like it was mentioned plus the sauce was cocktail sauce whereas in a fajita it should be guacamole. Some of the chicken were chewy. The naming of this sandwich should definitely be considered.
For desserts we tried their tirasmiu. It was very good. Not too sweet and not too creamy! It was very balanced and we could eat 2 pieces each.

Keyrouz bakery has the potential to serve delicious food we just hope they fix it soon.

Location: Jesr El Bashra, Mkalles.
Phone Number: 01500003
Average Price:15$


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