Feniqia: a restaurant you have to visit in Byblos Jbeil.

Byblos is the most beloved city to the Lebanese people and a touristic hub for the Arab countries.
You can't say you visited Byblos without having lunch or dinner in it's iconic restaurant Feniqia in the old souks facing the castle.
Feniqia is one of the best restaurants in town and it serves delicious Lebanese food with a remarkable medieval presentation. 
The restaurant is always full so expect to wait around 30 minutes since it is a first come first served concept (we love this concept). But no worries as you can roam around and enjoy the old souk. 
• First they welcome you with an extraordinary tabboune that is on the house and that includes labneh, zaatar, olives, saj bread and a small grill to heat the bread. The concept is amazing and you will be able to heat the bread during all the food experience so you will surely enjoy the hommos.
• We started with their tabbouleh. It was mouth watering, made of fresh vegetables combined with tasty olive oil and on the side some special sauces to guarantee a 100% satisfaction.
• The hommos was yummy, the best we have tried since a while, we loved eating it with the hot saj that we were heating thanks to the portable grill on the table.
• The fries were very good and crispy.

In case you are on a diet, we advise you to have their grilled halloumi platter with vegetables as it was very generous, delicious and light on the stomach.

• Now for the main platters we had a taouk sandwich and meat shawrma. They were both packed with fries, and salad. Not only the portion was plentiful but they were both excellent and for 9$.
Feniqia was outstanding! We had a great experience that we have been missing in our recent restaurant visits: great food, amazing ambiance and a marvelous medieval concept. Not to forget the great music that will make you dance even if you don't want to.
We will definitely come again very soon.

Average price: 15$ per person.
Rating: 9/10
Location:Jbeil,Old Souk, Facing Castle.
Phone:09 54044


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