Dinner by the Sea at Popolo Beirut.

Popolo Beirut is facing Italy on the Mediterranean Sea. This analogy is not only geographical but also it concerns the food. They reminded us of some delicious platters we had in Italy. 

Popolo recently opened in Ain El Mraysseh and it serves Italian cusine plus sea food based dishes. What we loved other than the great decor and the great view of the sea is their open kitchen where you witness the processes of cooking of spaghetti from its creation to its presentation and of course the preparation of the pizza.
• We started our food journey with the mouth-watering Patatine Al Tartufo (truffle fries), the crispiness of the fries and the creaminess of the sauce gave a perfect blend, one platter was not enough. 
• The Palline di Fromaggio al Tartufo (cheese truffle balls with mushrooms) were also addictive. Crispy breaded balls filled with truffle cheese and mushrooms make a great combination. 
• The Calamri e Chili Balsamico (fresh fried calamari bits and spicy balsamic dip) were orgasmic! Though I am not a seafood fan I couldn't stop eating those golden gems. The sauce was literally PERFECT! 

• Also from the seafood section we had the tartare Bianca (seabase tartare with lemon zest, with bits of radish and onions) we liked it a lot as it was very refreshing and light not to forget the protein you will get from it.
• The Insalata Bresaola e Rucola (bresaola with wild rocket salad and lemon oil dressing) was extremely refreshing and tasty. It had some parmesan slices on top that made it even more enjoyable. 
• The Carciofo Salad (marinated artichoke and arugula, with zesty lemon oil dressing) is a must try if you like artichokes. They were very well marinated and cooked to perfection.

• All pizzas at Popola have one thing in common which is the great dough. Though the Margherita pizza consisted of basic ingredients (cheese and tomato sauce), it was very delicious. The cheese used was of the finest quality. 
• The Spaghetti Alla Carbonara was succulent as the pasta were freshly made, mixed with creamy sauce and ham. If you like ham you will love it as it had a strong taste.
• The Cotoletta Alla Milanese (breaded veal) is their signature dish and one of our favorites. It is served with homemade potato chips that were as addictive as the truffle ones. The escalope was very thin and crispy. We advise you to have it with drops of lemon juice. We loved it.
Now for the dessert, what's better than a homemade dough filled with Mozzarella and Nuttella? The Calzone Al Forno made us finish our journey in the best way we could ask for. They should name it Calzone-ella (to rhyme with Nutella and Mozzarella). Our only complaint is that it should be filled with more chocolate.

We can't wait for more dinner at Popolo especially during winter to enjoy the windy sea.

Average price: 22$
Location: Ain Mreisse,Choucri Ghanem Street
Phone:01 366222


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