Delicious Sushi at Mon Maki a Moi new branch in Dbayeh.

Mon Maki A Moi est devenu Mon Restaurant Préféré A Moi. We are always on a hunt for new sushi places and our latest discovery was Mon Maki A Moi, a gem in Dbayeh, a few miles after Le Mall on the internal road. It is not new as it already had a branch in Jbeil but we never tried it and we regret it.
You will be mesmerized by the beauty of this restaurant. From the outside it looks like a peaceful old house but wait till you enter and discover the bright modern decor full of positive vibes and the live preparation of sushi. The exterior garden is another world on its own where you can also enjoy a relaxing meal.This was a great first impression.
Their menu has a huge variety of sushi with some signature rolls. This is a first thing that will make you wanna come back again and again. Plus a section for non-sushi lovers that includes chicken to satisfy everyone's taste.
• Like always, we started with the crazy salad. It was the best we had for a long time. The crab quality was supreme, it was not "mayonnaisie" and had premium quality basic ingredients. Our only remark is that portion of the salad should bigger or they should mango or avocado.
• Now for the sushi we had a bunch of ura makis with a variety of salmon and crab.
The first noticeable and extremely important thing is that the sushi had a thin layer of rice unlike many other restaurants. This is the reason why the pieces may look a bit small to some people. They don't overload them with RICE.
They use premium quality ingredients which made the sushi very fresh and delicious. You can feel whether you are eating salmon or crab.

Each order had a unique taste and they were all satisfying. We really loved them.

You should pay Mon Maki A Moi a visit when your craving for sushi strikes.

Average price: 30$ per person
Rating: 9/10
Location: Dbayeh after Le Mall
Phone Number: 04 444706


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