Delicious Pizzas at Don Baker Badaro, Beirut

Pizza is our favorite food and we don't mind eating it everyday due to the variety of ingredients it can contain. Our favorite ingredient is fresh cream but not every restaurant succeed in preparing such a pizza. 

Don Baker pizzas impressed us when we tried them at Badaro Street Festival so we were eager to pay him a visit in its restaurant especially that it serves a pizza with fresh cream.
We tried:

* La Forestière which contained tomato sauce, fresh cream, fresh mushrooms and cheese. The pizza was extremely creamy and cheesy noting that you can feel the taste of the cream which is becoming rare in some pizzerias. The dough was light and after each slice we wanted to eat another. We couldn't stop till the last bite. It was one of the best pizzas we ever had.
* Reina which is the basic pizza as it contained cheese, ham, fresh mushrooms, olives, tomato sauce and orgeno. We simply loved it.

Don Baker is more of a delivery/takeaway/ quick dine-in Pizzeria. They may not be the fanciest restaurant but they serve great pizzas for a very good price.
Price Range:15$
Location: Badaro main street just next to SGBL bank.
Phone Number:01 384304


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