Delicious Desserts at Secrets Jal EL Dib, Lebanon

We don't eat desserts everyday but when we do, we go for a delicious patisserie to make the experience worth it. Our latest yummy discovery is Secrets, a dessert shop with 3 branches until now: Jal El Dib, Koreitem and Saida. 

We went to Jal El Dib branch which is conveniently located on the highway just next to O&C facing Charcutier Aoun. The good thing about Secrets is that it opens till 10 p.m so you can enjoy a midnight craving especially that they have everything you may crave for, for a very reasonable price. 
We tried their Oreo Cheesecake and Bahamas. The Bahamas was succulent, filled with bananas and fresh cream. The Oreo cake on the other hand was good but the oreo taste was not that present, this did not stop us from enjoying the creaminess and deliciousness of this piece.

Their cake pieces range from 3500 L.L to 5,000 L.L. My next craving will be their mango tarte as I heard it always gets sold out early during the day.
We advise you to keep it a Secret as much as you can so that the pieces won't vanish early.
Price Range: 3$
Rating: 8/10


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