Delicious delivery food from Petit Creux

** Ptit Creux Liban delivery center**
We found a very good delivery centre in Lebanon. P'tit Creux serves french cuisine including sandwiches, salads, main platters and crepes. We are ordering from P'tit Creux almost everyday and it never fails to impress us. It has two delivery centers: one in Ashrafieh and one in Jal el Dib.
Till now we tired the Asiatique salad, the roast beef sandwich, the chicken pistou sandwich, the escalope de poulet sandwich, the jambon fromage sandwich and the crèpe complète.
Our favorites were:
• The crèpe that included emmental, jambon, champignons and oregano. It was succulent.
• The roast beef sandwich with its very tender meat and delicious sauce.
• The escalope sandwich with its crispy chicken slices and chips that made it even more crispier.
The salad was good. It consisted of marinated chicken slices, noodles, green pepper, mushrooms and sesame seeds. The sauce was exceptional! But they should add rocket leaves or something of green leaves and more mushrooms. We have to praise the quality of the ingredients they use.

We are looking forward to order more new items every day.
Price Range:12$
For Metn Delivery Call Jal El Dib: 04-710 555
For Beirut Delivery Call Achrafieh: 01-326 003


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