**Bar Tartine always getting better and better**

Sometimes we don't like to take risks in trying new restaurants (mostly when we are so hungry) so we decide to go to our favorites. One of them is BarTartine and especially after they introduced their new exceptional menu (you can check the review we did about all the new items).
This time we wanted to try our preferred items from the new menu.
• No words can describe how delicious the Kale and Avocado Rolls are plus they are light and healthy. This time they were even better than the first time. The sauce that comes with them is orgasmic (to a point we kept it for the pizza). They are ADDICTIVE.

• You can't but fall in love with the Kale and Quinoa Celebration salad! The chicken are very well marinated and perfectly grilled and the sauce is amazing.

• The Spicy Alfresco pizza is literally YUMMY! The dough couldn't be better and the pizza is full of taste. If you like spicy food you should definitely try it.
For dessert we wanted to have our favorite dessert they serve which is the mango tarte and we wanted to try something new so we went for the Strawberry Eclair.

• The tarte crust is so crispy, the cream is very balanced and the mango are so fresh.
• We would have preferred if the Eclair dough was crispier but the filling was very tasty.
Bar Tartine can't stop impressing us and whenever we want to regale, we will first think about it.

Location: Abc Ashrafieh
Price Range:20$


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