A Unique Dining experience at P.F Changs Beirut.

Whenever our friends ask us which Asian cuisine restaurant do we recommend, without thinking our answer is P.F. Chang's Lebanon. They serve the best Asian food in Lebanon with the best quality. For this reason we keep going there aiming an unforgettable food experience.

The food was divine! We can say it was the best dinner we had since some time.
• The Peanut Lime Chicken Salad was orgasmic. It contained thin grilled chicken slices, extremely fresh green leaves, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage and peanuts. The 2 ingredients that made it superb were the ginger and the egg fried noodles. The ginger gave it a sharp taste while the noodles gave it its crunchiness plus the sprinkled peanuts on tip. The sauce was succulent. It is our favorite salad so far.

• The Chicken Kung Pao was a great choice! It is the classic Chinese dish but with a P.F.Chang's twist. It consisted of diced fried chicken with chili pods and peanuts in Chang's own kung pao sauce. Don't be scared to try it if you don't like spices because it is moderately spiced. We loved the very special flavor of this platter that you won't find anywhere else. In fact all P.F.Chang's platters are unique. 
• After hearing a lot about their sushi we were eager to try them. So we ordered the basic California rolls. They were completely the opposite of the salad and the main platter. The pieces were too small and they were falling apart. They also put a smaller piece (the one that is cut at the end of the roll) that shouldn't be served to customers. Add to that, the fact that they were tasteless.
P.F.Chang's should reconsider their sushi because they will definitely ruin their high standards in the food.
**Worth to mention if you want to have a great dining experience visit their ABC Ashrafieh branch as their service is way better.
Average price: 25$ per person
Rating: 8.5/10
Location: City Centre Beirut Hazmieh
Phone:01 285335


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