Ways to spend a Sunday: #SundayMisk Buffet

Sunday is the best day to gather with the family and a buffet is always a good idea to please everyone's taste. As the weather is getting cooler, outdoor lunches are more enjoyable and better if you are surrounded by nature.
Beit Misk, 20 minutes far from Beirut, is organizing Sunday Misk buffet in their backyard lawn. The place is beautiful, you will be seated on grass and sunflowers will enlighten your lunch. Instagram addicts you will have plenty of good photos to share with your friend. Plus there is kids entertainment including crafts, face painting... so dads and mums can eat peacefully.
The buffet includes a variety of salads, lebanese mezza, quiche, live pasta station, Bbq station and hot dishes.

• There was almost every kind of salad we love: Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Quinoa Salad, Greek Salad, Caesar Salad, Rocca Salad, Tuna Salad, and Crab Salad. All the ingredients were extremely fresh. We loved the rocca salad with its generous amount of parmesan and vinaigrette sauce. The ceaser salad was tasty as well with its well marinated grilled chicken.
 • The mezza inlcuded hommos, mjadara, fattet batenjan, batata harra, arnabit, baba ghanouj, and many more.

The mjadara will steal you attention with its very beautiful presentation and colors and the fattet batenjen with its delicious taste.

• If all what was said wasn't enough to fulfill your appetite, you can choose between three types of pasta: the pesto pasta, the red sauce pasta or the white sauce pasta. We loved each type but our preferred was the pesto. If you are addicted to cheese like us there is a jar full of shredded cheese to top all your pastas.
• The Bbq station was our favorite part. The chefs prepare your meat for the burger or the hot dog sandwich and it's up to you to finalize it with the sauces or the grilled vegetables. Not to forget the mashewe that consisted of taouk, lahmeh and kafta. 

For vegetarians there are grilled potatoes and grilled corn.

• Now for the "tabekh" lovers, the Moghrabiye and Rez 3a Djej will surely satisfy you. They were generously sprinkled with nuts and chicken which made them very appetizing. For people who haven't tried Moghrabiye yet (as we know many), it is time to do it at Beit Misk because it was very good.

• A meal is never completed without sweets and the desserts at Beit Mist were unlimited: cakes, tartes, fruits and Lebanese sweets are all waiting you.
We fell in love with the Halewe Tarte! It was the first time we try it and it was really orgasmic.
The strawberry tarte was very good as well with its big and fresh strawberries.
All the cakes were very moist and generously filled with cream.
The cheesecake was light and not sugary yet creamy.
To end all this, a watermelon piece will be there to refresh you
Beit Misk is more than a village. Not only the residents get the chance to have splendid views of the Mediterranean sea and beautiful healthy environment, you can also be part of this experience during their events or by buying a house.

PS: They change some food items every week and you will be very lucky when it's the week of the red velvet cake.
Price: 45$ including open soft drinks and beer, 25$ for children.
Phone: 71-211121
Location: BeitMisk


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