15 our Lucky Number thanks to Deek Duke.

15 will become our lucky number because Deek Duke introduced 15 new creations that were worth the wait. Yes, they were all delicious, but some were dearest to our hearts.
Let's start with the appetizers:

* The Creamy Artichoke-Spinach was succlent! It consisted of a creamy baked artichoke-spinach sauce topped with melted cheese and served with tortillas. It tasted just like lasagna, our favorite dish, as it was cheesy and creamy. We quote from their menu: "dip in and enjoy".

* We couldn't decide which wings sauce was better: the Spice It Up or the Sticky BBQ. The wings in both platters were so yummy! Very crispy and well cooked. If you prefer sweet taste, go for the Sticky BBQ wings and if you like spices, the Spice It Up are perfect. And if you are like us, always confused, order both of them.

* The Grilled Chicken Skewers were so mouthwatering! The title may not say it all as you will think these are the "boring" chicken skewers, but wait till you try the sauce and you will fall in love with this dish. The sauce is made of PEANUT BUTTER! You now know what we are talking about.

* The Quinoa Booster was our favorite salad. It contained red and white quinoa, avocado, halloumi cheese, lettuce, spinash topped with sliced almond and dried cranberry with a raspberry dressing. The original ingredients made this salad full of taste yet light.

Beside wings, Deek Duke is also famous for its burgers. Who doesn't know the Press Burger?
From the 5 newly introduced goddesses we loved:
* The Chicken Hottie burger made of grilled chicken breast in a soft burger bun with grilled pepper, grilled onions, sliced Jalapeno, Cheddar cheese and chili sauce. The sauce was mildly spiced, the jalapeno gave the strong taste, the chicken breast was tender and the bun was very fresh.

* The Chicken Caesar Burger was sufficient to fulfill our desire of Parmesan as it had a strong taste of cheese with all the premium basic ingredients.

* The Cheese 'N' Chicken burger was our favorite the breaded chicken had the cheese inside which made it very juicy and yummy.
Now for the main dish, the Chicken Pesto Glory is the right platter for people who are on a diet and who are okay with cheating in the sauce as it was made of cream and pesto. The chicken were tender and grilled to perfection. You won't feel guilty having a light meal anymore. They took the healthy concept to the end by serving it with grilled vegetables and potatoes.
The new menu wouldn't have been complete without desserts. We adored the Cookie Blast that combined one vanilla and one chocolate ice cream cookie sandwich with chocolate and caramel syrup drizzled on top. It was ORGASMIC!

You can enjoy these delicious platters at one of the 4 branches of Deek Duke. Our favorite is Le Mall Dbayeh.

We are looking forward for more new divine additions because those ones were really worth the wait.


  1. 23,500 L.L for half a chicken? broasted? seriously?? don't you think it's overpriced? and don't say that it's a better quality :) a broasted chicken is not worth 47000 no matter what !

  2. a very over priced menu in general, some items are of regular prices but 80% of the items are way way overpriced. for a couple to have 2 plates it costs more than 60.000 l.l

    1. AB NA we all know that eating outside is expensive nowadays and needs a budget but deek duke is the most affordable restaurant in Le Mall dbayeh and they served delicious food, it's always good to pamper yourself once a week. Check us out on Facebook or instagram on Popcorn961 :)


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