Your Royal Burger at Happy Prince.

It is the first that the name of a restaurant is justified. Yesterday we were Happy after eating a royal burger at Happy Prince Mar Makhael. We have been hearing positive reviews about its burgers since it opened 3 years ago and we regret not listening to them.

Happy Prince has a small yet fulfilling menu such as salads, starters, sandwiches and mains. The decor is cozy and very calming with cool rhythms in the background. 

We ordered a chicken salad and a cheeseburger. 

The chicken salad was literally perfect! We were not expecting it to be that way! It is a mixture between oriental and Asian. It had unfamiliar ingredients like roasted garlic chips and mixed nuts plus the basics like lettuce, onions, radish and grilled chicken breast. The sauce was yummy made of soy sauce. We should mention that the portion of the salad was very good. 

From the first bite we knew that this was not going to be an ordinary cheeseburger. The meat used was juicy and full of taste. Each ingredient was contributing to make this burger very unique. We loved the bun as well as it was very fresh.

Happy Prince has been strong for more than 3 years with its very simple menu. So it's not about who has the big menu, it's about serving the best in each item.

                                                        Average price: 18$ per person
                                                               Rating: 8.5/10

Location:Mar Mikhael, Alexander Fleming Street, Beirut
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 3 PM, 7:30 PM to 11 PM


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