Who is Loris?

We should thank Loris for her agility in preparing these delicious banquets.

Loris is a newly opened restaurant in Gemmayzeh (in the pink building where was previously Rosé), specialized in Lebanese, Armenian and Halabi cuisines.

They first welcomed us with batenjen caviar plate. It is a specialty they prepare made of batenjen and some other ingredients (honestly we didn't ask what they were) served with small bread pieces. It is unusual yet good. 

• We started with the fattoush it was fresh and the debs el remmen sauce made it very tasty.

• The tabboule had the right spices but the lack of lemon sauce ruined the taste.

• The hommos with mini kebbe is an innovative platter. It was made of ordinary hommos with small kebbe. The kebbe were very crispy and so tasty as they had many spices. You will enjoy the hommos with their hot freshly baked bread.

• The fries were exceptional! We rarely eat good fries in Lebanese restaurants. They were yummy to a point we finished them in 2 minutes. 

• The rakakat were delicious and very generous with cheese. 

• The BBQ cheese consisted of cheese put on bread and grilled on the bbq. We noticed that they put spices even on the cheese and this is what gives special aromas to the dishes. 

• For the main platter, we ordered the mixed grill family platter. Everyone praised the quality of the meat. The brochette were more than tender and well seasoned, the makanek and the kabab were mouthwatering, the taouk was full of spices. 
In 2 words the platter was perfect. If you like grilled onions with the mashewe you should ask for it because they don't serve them.

We love restaurants that offer dessert on the house because it will make the experience end sweetly. The dessert consisted of the famous traditional halabi dessert Batenjen mrabba, biscuits with mrabba l wared and watermelon.

After eating all these delicious plates we were curious to know who was Loris and does she really exist?

Our only 2 complaints are that the service is very slow, and smoking was allowed indoor although there was a sign telling not to. We asked the waiter but they said that they allowed it only at lunch time because it's hot outside.

Average price: 22$ per person. 
Rating: 8.5/10

Location: Gemmayze,Pasteur Street, Beirut 
Phone number:01 567568


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