What you need to know before opening a Restaurant.

Even bad food can't ruin your experience more than bad ambiance. Adriano is a new restaurant in Sodeco facing Classic Burger Joint that serves italian food and sushi. The place is so dim and black plus some customers were smoking although no windows were open and smoking slis not allowed. We were hoping that when the food comes our mood will be relieved but that was not the case.

The crazy salad contained mango and avocado. The mango was not fresh at all, the salad was too salty and the portion was too small for the price. All in all it was unacceptable.

The Philly salmon was good although we did not taste the salmon since it had too much cheese and rice.

The parmigiana pizza had tomato sauce cheese and Parmesan, topped with rocca in a bad condition. We didn't like it at all. The quality of the ingredients was not good even the Parmesan cheese.

The gnocchi quatre fromage was the worst! First it took 25 minutes to be served. We didn't know what kind of gnocchi they used! They were chewy and not well cooked. We thought we were eating dough. Now for the sauce, it was catastrophic: extremely salty and full of fat to a point we were not able to finish the plate.

Opening a restaurant nowadays is becoming very easy but to stay in the market is the real challenge. At least the food should be acceptable.

Average price: 20$ per person. 
Rating: 5/10

Phone Number:01 215260
Location: Ashrafieh,Abdel Wahab El Inglizi Street.


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