We all scream for Ice Cream at Helado

Ice cream becomes the main food for many during Summer. Thankfully there are some good ice cream shops in Lebanon and one of them is Helado. Helado is located in Haret Sakher Jounieh next to Crepaway and Caliprix supermarket. You will love their numerous choices from Halaweh, Nescafe, Lotus biscuits, Banana, rum raisins, nutella, fig and many other unique flavors. Helado is very generous and for 5000 L.L only you will satisfy your cravings. But our last visit was not up to our expectations as we noticed that the fruit flavors have lost their taste and you won't be able to distinguish much between them. We wish that Helado starts serving again the premium quality ice cream they used to offer because they really have one of a kind flavors.



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