TSU : The New Asian Cuisine in Ashrafieh.

We always get excited when new restaurants open especially if they serve Asian cuisine. Tsu is a new restaurant that opened in place of Yasmina, in Ashrafieh Akkawi Street. Tsu has a very beautiful interior with a charming terrace overlooking the street. The restaurant offers Asian hot platters and sushi.

We ordered Thai beef salad, green curry beef and a variety of Ura Makis.

• The Thai beef salad was very delicious. It contained a mix of green vegetables, mango, sliced beef, pepper and vermicelli rice. The vegetables were very fresh, the meat was tender, not chewy and well seasoned, and the sauce was balanced. The only objection is that the mango slices were not present enough to feel their taste.

• The green curry beef was not up to our expectations. The mixture was not successful at all. The peppers needed more cooking, the sauce was tasteless yet the beef were good. It was less than average. 

• The sushi on the other hand were mixed. Some orders were good whereas others weren't but the portion was small compared to the price. The ones that were distinguished are: 

- Shake as it contained pineapple, salmon, shrimp and had a summery taste. 

- The crispy crazy were delicious as the crispy used gave it a special taste. 

- The Philadelphia was not good since we did not taste the cheese nor the salmon.

Except the salad the food was tasteless and it is not a characteristic of Asian cuisine where spices are as important as the main ingredients. 

Tsu is not the restaurant that make you come back again. Location is a good criteria for the success of the restaurant but the food taste is primordial.

Average price: 20$ per person
Rating: 7/10

Location: Ashrafieh,Akkawi Street,Beirut
Phone number:01 217222


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