The Ups and Downs Of Kababji

Family gatherings on Sundays normally take place in a Lebanese restaurant where everyone ends up listening to no one because of the many stories they have to tell. Kababji has been witnessing these stories for the past ten years. Our latest visit that took place in Jal El Dib was not the best one and that was the opinion of all the family members.

The hommos was very tasty as usual.

The Arayis Jebneh were tasty. They had a good amount of melted cheese. 

The Fries were oily and tasteless as well as the rakakat jebneh. 

We enjoyed the Hommos with Lahmeh, it is our favorite mezza especially with hot bread. 

The Tabbouleh was indescribable. It was made of parsley and tomatoes only. The sauce was absent as well as the taste. However, the Fattoush was improved from our last visit. It was very good.

We did not eat the teble nayye but we asked other family members and they said it was average. 

                                     The lahm baajin were delicious. They had the good spices.

Now for the mashewe: 

The Taouk was very delicious but you should ask for it to be well done.

The Kabab Orfali was yummy. It had eggplants, onions and tomatoes all grilled together. Without a doubt Kababji serves the best Kabab. 

The lahmeh used to be our favorite in Lebanon but for the past few times it was not up to our expectations. Still very tender but it needs more seasoning to feel the traditional flavors. 

Kababji should upgrade their food to go again on the right track and stay in the competition. 

Average price: 27$ per person
Rating: 7/10

Location: Jal el Dib, Highway
Phone Number: 04 722111


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