The Orgasmic Black Burger from Roadster.

Roadster has been doing a "hysteria" in Lebanon over their famous Black Burger. Yes, we did not do any spelling mistake it is a black burger. We were so eager to know if it was worth the buzz so we decided to have lunch in order to guarantee that we will have it because it is being sold out due to the high demand. The black burger contains premium grilled Angus beef, lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and it comes with tasty crispy potato dippers and fresh coleslaw for 25,500 L.L. .

The meat is the best in the market right now. We have been looking for this quality for a long time! Very far from being shewy and extremely juicy it gave the burger a succulent taste. 
The bun is the fluffiest and the most fresh we have ever had. It's so light and delicious that it made the burger even more enjoyable. Plus you are eating black bun which is unusual and this thing alone makes the experience very special.

The potato dippers were extremely crispy and very well seasoned. They made the experience even more royal.

Roadster put all their expertise in food to create this one of a kind, orgasmic burger. We advise you to try it in all Roadster branches as soon as possible as it is not a permanent item in the menu or help us in demanding that it becomes so.


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