Sai Sushi restaurant in Mtayleb.

We don't mind going to the borders of Lebanon in order to eat Sushi. Our latest visit was to Saï on Mtayleb highway. Saï opened a branch in Horch Tabet last month but we wanted to try the original one. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with light colors creating positive vibes.
We ordered Killer Kani salad and a mixture of Ura makis. 
• The Killer Kani is the same as crazy salad but instead of mayo they used sesame sauce which gave it an unusual taste. I liked it and found it healthy but my colleague thought it was dry and not tasty.

The ura makis were varied some were good and some were not. The common negative thing is that the rice was kind of squashed because it was over cooked so our struggle was to eat a full piece before it falls apart.

• The Mango Wrap contained shrimp, mango and spring onion. It's not appetizing to serve the shrimp shredded as we did not feel the taste of the shrimp. Usually they are served one piece. Same thing goes to the avocado spicy shrimp. We did not like both orders. 

• The Stark Naked contained salmon and philly cheese, it was delicious as the salmon was fresh. 

• The Crispy California had huge cucumber slices which ruined it's taste.

Our hunt for new sushi restaurants is still going on.
Average price: 25$ per person.
Rating: 6/10

Location: Mtayleb Main Road, before the tunnel.
Phone: 04 403020


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