Maracas: A Mexican Restaurant in Jounieh

Mexican cuisine is very complex and rare are those who succeed in serving good Mecican food. There are around 10 Mexican restaurants in Lebanon and one of them is Maracas located in a traditional beautiful home in Jounieh Old Souk. At Maracas you can enjoy exotic drinks while having some Mexican specialties such as quesadillas, enchiladas, burritos, and of course Fajitas in a Mexican environment. They first welcome you with fresh carrots and crispy nachos with sauce.

We ordered Chicken Quesadillas, the Balls Salad with Fayoum Beans, and Chicken Chalupas.

• Our favorite platter was the Chicken Chalupas. It consisted of deep fried tacos, stuffed with chicken Machaca and mixed with cheese, onions, lettuce and tomatoes. They are served with guacamole and sour cream. This dish had a unique and very special taste. The fried tacos were exceptional! They gave this platter its charm. The chicken were delicious and well seasoned. The whole mixture was succulent.

• The chicken quesadillas was very generous in portion and filling. They are made of tortilla filled with chicken slices, mix of cheese, bell pepper and taco sauce. The chicken used have a very good quality and were well seasoned. The mixture was very creamy and tasty. They are served with well executed guacamole and sour cream sauces.

• The Balls Salad with Fayoum Beans was our least favorite but yet it was good and very original. It contained lettuce, avocado, cheese, beans, cherry tomatoes and the special ingredient which are fried chicken and beef Machaca balls. The ingredients were fresh and the Machaca balls were crispy but the flavor was lost in this untidy mixture of chicken beef and cheese. The salad was a bit spicy because of the jalapeño slices. Overall the salad was good but it needed more sauce and would be better if the ingredients were mixed with the sauce. It felt a little bit dry.

Mexican Restaurants are always fun to visit due to the ambiance that they create from the music, to the colors and the decoration they use. Plus of course the food that is spicy and full of flavors.

Average Price: 20$ per person.
Rating: 8/10
Location: Jounieh, Kendarjiyeh street, Old Souk, Pub district.
Phone number: 09 914214


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