L'Escroc: How did it Last so Long?

L'escroc a well known restaurant in Ashrafieh has been serving food for the last 20 years. But after our last visit to his Antelias branch we started questioning how did it last so long.

The interior is polluted with shisha and since we are not smokers, we had to sit outside on so heavy and extremely dusty sofas.

The menu serves international cuisine with a Lebanese section.
• We started with the Tex Mex salad. The presentation was not appetizing at all. We felt that the ingredients were not appropriate for a salad as the cheese should have been shredded, the chips used are the ordinary nachos we buy from the market and not the ones special for salads that usually come in small pieces. The sause was too sour and "mayonnaisie". The only good thing was the seasoning of the chicken yet the salad was unacceptable.
The best of the best was the hair that we found between 2 chips. Yes we were lucky to find it but not we were not surprised because the overall lack in the hygiene of the restaurant was clear.

• They should reconsider naming the Chicken Quesadillas platter and we propose the "Man2oushe Chicken". The dough is the one used in "man2ouche", the chicken were extremely chewy and needed seasoning. The whole "man2oushe mixture" didn't have any texture in it neither any taste. The fries were so oily and tasteless. We didn't want to try the coleslaw salad.

• On another hand the chocolate crèpe was good. It had the classic chocolate paste and was topped with chocolate sauce.

The portion and the quality of the food compared to the price is inadequate.  L'Escroc should be labeled as a shisha lounge and each restaurant should be specialized in a specific cuisine because the international ones are becoming a mess.

Average price: 20$ per person
Rating: 5/10

Location: Antelias Main Street
Phone Number:04 405005


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