Late Night Craving at Douaihy

Even if you're craving sweets late at night, Douaihy - Misk in Zalka is one of the very few dessert houses that will remain open to fulfill your cravings.

  • We tried the "fokharit ghazl el banet". It was so delicious and refreshing as it contained 2 of our favorite ingredients: vanilla ice cream and "ghazl el banet".

We were disappointed from the "Karabij" and the "halewe bjeben".
• The "karabij" were not crispy at all plus the "natef" (white cream) that comes with them had a weird taste. The platter seemed not freshly prepared.

• The "halewe bjeben" felt old as well. We did not enjoy it like before.

Douaihy should work on keeping his reputation since it is one of the most famous Lebanese sweet houses.

Phone Number: 01-878886
Location: Zalka Highway, Lebanon


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