HITMAN: Agent 47 Movie Review.

Spy movies are becoming a trend this year and the latest release is Hitman: Agent 47. The movie is the adaptation of the popular video game Hitman and will be released in cinemas this Thursday. It is the second movie of the same series after Hitman the successful movie released in 2007.
The plot is about Agent 47 (Rupert Friend) a dangerous assassin whose mission is to capture Katia Van Dees who is searching for her dad. She is also the target of a syndicate who wants to get the secrets of her father as he was able to create very strong humans.
The movie is quick and full of action scenes which made the balance with the "not so complicated" story. We can't but praise Rupert Friend's skill as agent 47.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alQlJDRnQkE

Rating: 3/5

In Cinemas this week.


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