Gracy's a delivery Joint in Horch Tabet

Gracy's is a delivery joint in horch Tabet that serves a variety of salads, including "make your own salad", sandwiches and desserts.

Their chicken seasoning made both the Legendaire Salad and the Convoité Sandwich unappetizing however the other ingredients were yummy.

• We loved their L'Exquise salad that contains crab, quinoa, lettuce, avocado, edamame and fresh orange slices. It was very refreshing and it fuels you with the right nutrients.
• The salad contained lettuce, avocado, parmesan, mushroom and walnuts. We can't but praise the quality of the ingredients and their generosity in the parmesan slices. Although the chicken gave the salad an unusual taste we ate it because the sauce and the mixture were very good. Though it's a delivery joint, this is the first restaurant in Lebanon to serve bread with the salad.

As i was picking the food i sneaked a peak at kitchen and it was very hygienic and clean.


Average Price:12$
Location: Horch Tabet near C.T.I University
Phone:01 495038-76 994255


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