Chocolate Heaven at Biscuit Mansourieh.

Who is better than grandma in preparing delicious homemade desserts? Well sorry grandma, Biscuit is. Biscuit is a confiserie Located on the main road of Mansourieh and facing the clock. The vintage decor made us feel in chocoland thanks to the numerous attractive items displayed everywhere, from the tables to the shelves and even the fridges.

Biscuit are famous for the one of a kind chocolate items they prepare such as the biscuit au chocolat, brownies, chocolate cheesecake, petits fours, cookies... Plus a viennoiserie section consisting of croissants, rolls and brioche. They also have salty goods including quiches, ftayir b sbenigh, keshek, mini pizzas...

From the items we tried: 
• The pizza was succulent! Premium cheese and sauce on a crusty dough. 
• The quiche with ham and cheese was exceptional! Very creamy yet not very heavy. We enjoyed every bite. 

• The ftayir were yummy. The dough was crispy and the filling were very present especially the spinach that was "lemony". 

• The brownie is the best one we ever had! It was crispy from the outside yet creamy from the inside and this is what gave it a mouthwatering taste. It also had chocolate chips. 

• We were not surprised that the cinnamon roll was yummy because it is prepared with that extraordinary dough and it was sprinkled with sugar just yum.

• The chocolate cheesecake was very evil as you will keep wanting more.

You will have a dilemma every time you visit Biscuit because you won't know if you are hungry for salty or sweet or some exclusive delicatessen they export from Italy and UK.
Other than the great food, you will love the warm welcoming of the owner and her positive vibes. So she is the other reason why will go back there again.

Address: Mansourieh main road facing the clock near Al Kafa2at.
Phone number:
04 531962


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