Bistro Bar Hamra, Stick to the Salads, Drinks, and Appetizers.

n Hamra you will find numerous restaurants that serve Italian, Iraqi, Thai, Mexican, and International Cuisine. Bistro Bar located in Makdessi Street offers a varied menu that starts with a morning breakfast to salads, appetizers, sandwiches, main platters and of course refreshing cocktails.
We ordered a Rosemary Chicken Salad, Truffle Potato, a Steak Sandwich, a Hamburger and Pain Perdu for dessert. 

• The Truffle Potato were good. It consists of fried cubed potatoes in a creamy truffle sauce. We would have preferred if they were crispier. 

• The Rosemary Chicken Salad was delicious. It contained grilled chicken, cashew nuts, avocado, green mix and cherry tomatoes in a rosemary lemon vinaigrette. The chicken was well marinated, the vegetables were fresh and the sauce was very tasty. 
• The Steak Sandwich was catastrophic! We stopped eating it after the very first bite because the steak was burnt and too dry! Normally in a steak sandwich, the beef should be juicy and tender. 

• When we saw the hamburger we fell in love with its presentation but unfortunately not in its taste. They excelled in the presentation and forgot about the content. The patty was chewy, we did not feel the cheddar cheese or any sauce. The chips made it even more dry and heavy. The caramelized onion were extremely oily and they should have put them in the burger and not aside. The fries were good.

•Now for the dessert we had a Pain Perdu since they said in the menu that it was a special recipe. Well we did not feel anything special about it. It tasted like unbaked cake and was served with a watery caramel sauce. The bread was already moist and when we added the watery sauce and the ice cream it became very liquid and lost the consistency of the flavor

Bistro Bar offers happy hour discount everyday from 5 PM-8 PM so you can benefit from the 50% discount on drinks, appetizers and salads as they are way better than the other items they serve.

Average price: 22$ per person
Rating: 6.5/10
Location:The Courtyard, Makdessi Street, Hamra, Beirut
Phone Number:70 255211


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