Bar Tartine New Delicious Creations

Bar Tartine is part of our weekly ritual. You can't start a great weekend without their breakfast formula nor you can skip their fresh salads and delicious platters for lunch or ignore their tastiest pizzas for dinner.
Bar Tartine never fails to impress us and the latest surprise was that they introduced kale, quinoa and other mouthwatering new items to their menu.

We were invited to a tasting dinner and we were in a complete state of amazement after each new dish we tried:

• Our "coup de coeur" was the Kale and Quinoa Celebration. It is a mixture of kale leaves, quinoa and marinated grilled chicken topped with roasted almonds, dried cranberries and cereals, and served with vinegar dressing. The result is fabulous! One of the yummiest salads yet very healthy and low on calories. 

• You can't but fall in love with the new Kale and Avocado Rolls. They are made of rice paper rolls stuffed with kale, rocket leaves, avocado, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, herbs and rice noodle, and served with soy rice vinegar sauce. You can't imagine how fresh and tasty each bite is. We will be surely having these rolls as healthy appetizers each time we visit Bar Tartine. 

• The name of The Couscous Freshness says it all. It is made of grilled chicken on steamed couscous with grilled zucchini, carrots, asparagus and bell peppers. It is served with lemon oil dressing and this is what gives it the freshness and makes it very light and tasty. 

• Another amazing salad is the Farmhouse. It is a blend of rocket leaves, fennel chive, parsley, sweet potato, beetroot, avocado and goat cheese with lemon dressing sauce. Being on a diet will be enjoyable with this healthy salad. 

• If you like chicken sandwiches, then you can't miss the Chicken Provolone sandwich. You will decide after seeing the ingredients: french baguette filled with grilled marinated chicken breast, Italian provolone cheese, rocket leaves, tomato and avocado spread. We think you already want to try it right?

Now for the pizzas, we always praised the quality and deliciousness of the pizza dough at Bar Tartine and wanted to have a bigger variety in pizzas. Well now we will be visiting Bar Tartine even more often. The 3 new pizzas are delicious but our 2 favorites are the Chicken Picante and the Spicy Alfresco.

• We are not fans of chicken in pizzas but the Chicken Picante made us change our minds. It is made of a crispy dough, topped with a mildly spiced creamy sauce, marinated grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese, and diced mushrooms, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and onions. The mixture is one of a kind and of you love chicken pizzas you should try it since it is the best chicken pizza in town. 

• The Spicy Alfresco is kind of an explosion of tastes. Imagine their exceptional dough covered with ricotta cheese, cherry tomato, fresh mushroom, black olives, and spicy Italian Salsiccia sausage! Your imagination is good but when you eat it you will find that it is better than you imagined. If you like spicy food then this is the right pizza for you.

For main platters, they introduced the Mushroom Beef Tagliata. As said in the menu, it is "a dish you don't want to miss". Should we start with the extremely tender beef or the mouthwatering mushroom sauce or the crunchy baked potatoes? Wherever we start we will end up with the same conclusion: this plate killed it!

Now for the sweetest part, we have to say that the Tarte Tropezienne is a piece of art with its juiciness and freshness. It is a combination of two velvety creams: the crème pârissière and the crème au beurre, in a brioche cake coated with sugar grains.

Little time passed since they opened and Bar Tartine introduced a new menu. It is something very rare in the restaurant industry. But why are we surprised? They always add new food items but this time we are very thankful because it is a whole new menu. 

We can't but praise the chef's professionalism as after eating all of these plates we felt like we can eat more and more due to their lightness and deliciousness. 

Bar Tartine did a great step in introducing some healthy yet succulent food items especially that the quality of their ingredients is top. Looking forward for more innovative ideas!


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