6 Reasons Why You Need to have a Kefraya Experience.

"An amazing accomplishment in Lebanon" is a qualification given by the American wine critic Robert Parker to Château Kefraya. He was 100% right after witnessing and living the Kefraya experience last Saturday. Established in 1979, Chateau Kefraya is one of the largest wine producers in the country and it's the only winery that has the vineyards on its magnificent hillside. 

After spending a full day in the domaine, here's our list of the 6 reasons why you should visit this gem.

1- A Runaway from the Traffic of Beirut
Chateau Kefraya is not that far from Beirut. After reaching Chtaura (50 minutes) take your right side when you see the Qoub Elias sign. You will then fall in love with the breathtaking landscapes of the countryside and tree lined streets.

2- The Wine Tour and Wine Tasting:
Whether you love wine or not, it is very interesting to know the procedure of preparation of the wine from A to Z plus some history about how Chateau Kefraya became one of the best Wineries and is present in more than 40 countries over the 5 continents. 

The tour starts with a brief video about the domaine, followed by a visit to the huge stainless steel tanks where all wines are being fermented before getting to the barrels room where the wine is stored. Then you will be guided to the treasure room where samples from all the yearly productions are kept.
The tour is crowned by a wine tasting session were you will get to taste a variety of their delicious wines and yes it's for free. Our favorite was their dessert wine just amazing.

3- The Food
Our body needs healthy food from time to time and Chateau Kefraya guarantees that all the ingredients used to prepare their buffet are organic and harvested from their backyard. They organize 2 buffets: a Lebanese one on Saturday and an International one on Sunday with open wine. 
We tried the Lebanese buffet and we fell in love with it.

Our food journey started with the freshly baked mana2esh on markouk bread. They were so delicious. Then 2 beautiful round platters of mixed Lebanese mezze will catch your eye as they contain the most favored items. 
• The creamy and tasty Hommos and Moutabbal Batenjen
• The Moujaddara
• The Ftayer Sbenigh
• The Kebbe with Goat Labneh that had a unique sour taste. 
• The Pizza with its tasty dough and melting cheese. 
• The Rakakat filled with yummy cheese. 
• The Wara2 3enab
• The Kebbet Samak.
Now for the salads, we enjoyed the tabbouleh, the grilled vegetables and the mouthwatering rocca salad since its sauce was exceptional and the rocket leaves were the best we ever had. 
The highlight of the buffet was the live BBQ of the Lamb (mouton à la broche) and that was used to prepare one of the main plates which is the "minced lamb jar. 

The 2 other main plates are the "poulet à la braise" (chicken) and "beid awarma"
Both meat used in the "beid awarma" and in the minced lamb jar were very tender and juicy. 
The chicken as well was full of taste and spices.
After each bite you will sip your favorite Kefraya wine.

The dessert was the "cerise sur la crème" of our experience. We indulged in a variety of sweet small cups, each one having a remarkable taste. The chocolate mousse was an intensive introduction to the orgasmic caramel cheese cake before getting back to basics with the tiramisu and ending in a fresh way with the vanilla & raspberry cream. 

After all these "delices", we are curious and impatient to try their Sunday buffet.

4- The Train Ride

Kefraya is literally a wine village with its huge vineyards and cave, and a fun way to tour around is by their train ride. You will be enchanted by the beautiful panoramas plus you will get the chance to see the charming grapes closely. Not to forget the ancient Roman tombs dating from 2000 years BC that are present in the domaine. The train will stop at the tombs so you will be able to snap some beautiful pictures.

5- The Harvest

Good things come to those who wake up and start their trip to Kefraya early in the morning as from now and until the first of October, you will be able to participate in the Harvest and handpick the grapes yourselves You can join the harvest from 5:30 am till 9:30 am but be sure to call in advance.

6- Epic Instagram Pictures 
Exceptional pictures to post on your Instagram are assured thanks to the numerous enchanting parks and alluring Chateau in domaine de Kefraya. Our favorite parc was Parc Puccini. 
PS: Your friends will surely be jealous.

Our Kefraya experience was memorable and we have to thank the founder Michel de Bustros for this great vision he had and for spreading our love for life worldwide through his wine.

The buffet is for 50$ per person
The tour and wine tasting are for free
The train ride is for 10.000 L.L.

Location: Route Koub Elias, Kefraya
Phone Number:+ 961 8 645 333/444


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