The Terminator is back.

After the world has entered into the dark ages in a never ending war with the robots, John Connor, the leader of a group of survivor, decides to send Kyle Reese back in time to 1984, hoping to change the events of the past that led to this catastrophe. Kyle's mission will be to protect Sarah, the mother of John, and destroy Genisys. They will get the help of the terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in winning the fight over the machines.

At 67, Schwarzenegger can still be the star of a movie as he is still very fit to action moves. He will also make you laugh in some funny moments that appear in the middle of intensive action scenes to break the accumulated adrenaline. Of course we have to highlight the amazing special effects and the music of this movie. Get ready to jump between 2 decades of pure suspense and unpredictable events.

In cinemas this Thursday

Duration: 126 minutes

Trailer :


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