The new sushi boutique in Mansourieh, Wakame.

Sushi is a three in one combo, not only it is very tasty and addictive, it is also low in calories and has many healthy benefits due to the proteins they contain. Wakame sushi boutique in Mansourieh offers 
great food for a great price. 


The menu offers signature appetizers such as their special spring rolls and the wakame shrimp & cheese, salads, a variety of special ura makis and hot Asian dishes.

The crazy mango salad was exceptional! It was full of mango slices which gave it a very fresh taste. The crab were very fresh too. It was not "mayonnaisie" and the ingredients were well combined together. 

The royal crunchy salad contained crab, salmon, avocado and mango. They were sprinkled with crispy and fish eggs. It was a very delicious salad. 
Both salads had a very generous portion.

Now for the ura maki:

The Spiky Mango contained crab and was wrapped with mango. It was very good. 

The Summer maki had shrimp tempura with crazy and an avocado wrap. 

The Salmon addict was full of salmon to a point that we didn't feel the rice. It had a spicy flavor

The best of them all was the Crispy Phily. It's like an explosion of tastes with the avocado, philadelphia, salmon and crispy. 

We loved Wakame's great service and good food quality. You can enjoy it in their cozy boutique or order a delivery if you live near Mansourieh.

Average price: 30$ per person. 
Rating: 8.5/10

Address: Mountazah main road after kafaat 
El Mansouryet, Mont-Liban, Lebanon
04 533 215


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