The Minions are Here.

The Minions finally got their own movie after being part of the Despicable Me sequels and we have been waiting for that.  The movie relates the early life of the minions where their mission was to find an evil leader. But after clumsily eliminating their masters, from the dinosaurs to the Pharaohs and even Napoleon, they end up being depressed with no one to rule them. 

Kevin the minion along with Stewart and Bob decide to go on a trip to find the most evil villain to rule their tribe. They end up in New York having a thrilling mission to track down the most wicked super villain Scarlet Overkill (Sandra Bullock).  Like their name says, the minions are the cutest goofiest creatures that will keep you laughing throughout the movie. They communicate in all languages so you will be hearing French, English, Italian and Spanish from time to time but on the minion way. Not to forget their songs and lovely dances. 

The movie begins with a warm start, but give it 10 minutes and the party will get started. 
The title says it all: who can be cuter than a minion?

Runtime: 1 hr and 31 minutes

In cinemas this Thursday.


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