Thai Food in Hamra.

Thai cuisine is founded on simple ingredients of excellent quality. Rice from the fields, aromatic herbs and spices and locally grown fruits and vegetables are just a few of the wonderful ingredients that are used to prepare delicious dishes. All these elements are found at Jaï the perfect place to enjoy a Thai meal in Beirut.

Located in Kantari, just next to Haïgazian University, we fell in love with the simplicity of the restaurant. They have only one table open to the kitchen where you can see live cooking preparation and smell the aroma of your food. You can also grab a table on the side walk and enjoy the cozy neighborhood.
We ordered the Banh me beef wrap, the Pad Thai main dish, and the General Tsao chicken.

• The tsao chicken was a mixture of fried chicken and vegetables. The sauce was sweet which gave it a special taste. It was very delicious.

• The Pad Thai was one of the best platters we tried at Jaï. It's made of rice with chicken and shrimps with an omelette on top. It's very spicy and yummy but non-spicy lovers you can still enjoy it since you can have it "unspiced".

• The wrap was very good, the meat was very tender and not chewy. The salad served next to it is extremely refreshing and tasty but this time it needed some sauce. So i entered the kitchen and asked for some more. This is what we like about Jai, the casual experience.

• Not to forget the free dessert they offer which is fried bread served with coconut sauce and sprinkled with sugar. It gives a happy ending to your experience

We always feel like home at Jaï and this makes us come more often. The staff are very nice and welcoming and they serve the best food. That's why they won the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for 2015. 
                                                                      Jaï closes on Sundays.
                                                                Average price: 17$ per person
                                                                           Rating: 8.5/10

                                                                        Tel: 01 341 940
                                                                  Mexico street, Kantari
                                                                       Beirut, Lebanon


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