Pixels Movie Review

90s Classic Arcade Games Lovers, there are great news for you! Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Centripede, Space Invaders, Arkanoid and Tetris are back and this time on the big screen. But they are not coming for peace, they are sent by aliens to attack Earth.

Pixels is a science fiction action film with numerous funny scenes starring everyone's favorite Adam Sandler, the funny Peter Dinklage and America's Mall Cop Kevin James having all the same objective of defeating the video games Monsters.
All the classic arcade characters are now upgraded and you will enjoy them in  HD pixels.
The physical and special effects are amazing and you won't want to remove your eyes off the screen.

Pixels is very enjoyable and especially those who loved to play arcade games back in the days. Pixels should be on your movie list this week.

Run Time: 106 minutes



  1. Another bad (or at least semi-bad) Adam Sandler movie? What a shocker.

  2. yeah agree with you i think it destroy the Adam carrier. i recommended to watch pixels movie online rather than waste your money in cinema. Free Upcoming Hollywood Movies Online


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