Movie Review: The Reluctant Fundamentalist

The Reluctant Fundamentalist winner of the best film at Munich Film Festival political thriller drama film based on the 2007 novel, The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid, directed by Mira Nair, starring Riz Ahmed and Kate Hudson. 

The movie relates to the story of a Pakistani young guy who has the American dream and how everything collapses after the 9/11 attack in a series of flashbacks. Since that moment, some nationalities are being treated as terrorists. This is shown by how the life of Changez (Riz Ahmed) went from being a successful one in a first class company in New York, to a perceived enemy wrongfully arrested, stripped, searched and interrogated. 
The movie is a summary of what is happening in the real life and it has a primordial moral: "Looks can be deceiving".  We should not judge what we see without asking or understanding. Unfortunately this is our major problem. 
Let's hope that this movie will be an alarm to wake us up before it's too late. 
The Reluctant Fundamentalist gives us a few answers but makes us ask many questions. 

In theaters now. 
Run time: 130 minutes
Rating: 3.5/5


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