Locanda in Byblos below our expectation.

Byblos is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world and the best Arab tourist city in 2015. More than that, it has Locanda, the restaurant with the most beautiful scenery, overlooking the Mediterranean sea from a side and Byblos Citadel from the other.

The menu offers traditional Lebanese dishes with a twist and some international items such as salads, pizzas and pastas. Not to forget their famous signature desserts. 
We ordered mlawwah hommos, bianca pizza and for dessert halewe chocolate. 

• The Mlawwah hommos contained pine nuts, almonds, onions and supposedly sesame paste. It was like the normal hommos nothing special yet more expensive. Thankfully we put some spicy oil to make it taste better. 

• The Bianca pizza had tomato sauce, basil, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, fresh tomatoes and olive oil. In the menu it was said that there is also cheddar cheese but we didn't feel any. Although it was a good pizza. 

• Now for the dessert, the Halewe chocolate was delicious. It is our favorite dessert at locanda. It's made of fried crust with halawe and vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate crisps. The ice cream used to be of a better quality.

 Locanda was our favorite restaurant in Byblos, but after their price increase in the menu and the quality decrease in the food, we think twice before visiting it again.

Average price: 27$ per person
Rating: 7/10
Jbeil › Old Souk, Facing Byblos Castle
09 944333

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