BlackRock on our Black List.

After hearing about the concept of Black rock of how you cook your own meat it made us curious to try it. The Black rock is a powerful stone that allows meat to be cooked if heated. If you order steak it comes raw and you will get the chance to slice it and cook it on the stone. It comes to with two side dishes and one sauce that you choose. 

The steak was severed without any spices. It was not the best steak since it was very chewy. We chose the mushroom sauce and the homemade dauphinois with the mushroom provinçale for the 2 sides. The sauce and the mushroom provinçale were good. The dauphinois is made of sliced potatoes with cream and cheese cooked in the oven. It was not well cooked and not tasty.

The cheese burger was the driest burger we have ever had. We used all sauce they gave us with the burger and it was still tasteless. The fries along it were not good at all.

Although the idea is very catchy, the food taste ruined the whole experience. For the amount of money they charged, we expected better quality. It is way over priced!

Average price: 40$
Rating: 6/10
Blueberry Square, Dbayeh 
04 523101


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